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Dev Blog 3: Juiced Up


During the weekend we deiced to “juice” up the project, by addressing what some testers have been ask about, mainly that the background feels static and that the feedback of what you can buy and not in the market is not that clear.

What we deiced to do was to play around with the background we had, and add life to it by using the neon lights and windows and make them flicker in and out.

Background WIP


We also deiced to add avatar pictures in the right corner to create “agency” with who you are in the game. We also played around with color coding all elements the belongs to the player and opponent, both on the playing field and when it comes to text.



The discard effect has also been changed so that the player always will see the cards that they know about.

Lastly the market, two major things have been added here.


First, the frame of your own market that you can buy and what your opponent can buy have been color coded. We still need to test this with colorblind players to make sure that they understand this as well.

And the other major update is that we have added a lock for the cards that are in the opponents market, just to make clear that you won’t have access to these cards during a game.

That’s it for now. Have a good one.
//The Question Marc


We are currency looking for beta testers. If you are interested, leave your mail and we will contact you at a later point!


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